Well, here we are...

Welcome to Andrea Says. I’m Andrea Chesleigh, and I do product at Boxed. Previously One Kings Lane, Rent the Runway, Zappos, and Verizon.

I’ll be sharing my experiences and advice, some frameworks, plus a few companion articles to my talks, on all things product.

As I begin navigating starting my own thing, you’ll see some of that here as well, along with a couple of other things I’m passionate about (like painting, so you might see the odd art-related post here and there).

Don’t worry, I won’t meander. Too much.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and just like a product manager, I’ll start with my why. Why put my thoughts down to share? Because —

  • I’ve learned a few things in my years in product and working in startups

  • When I first started out, there wasn’t a lot of resources like there is now

  • Building community and support networks is extremely important to me

  • …and if it’s helpful to others, why not share it?

Just like any product, this will be evolving, and would love to hear your feedback so I can make it more useful.

I’ll write somewhat regularly. Sign up so you don’t miss it.

photo by Danielle MacInnes